Sunday, 10 July 2011

Press on the attack but do we care?

Manchester City's new sponsorship arrangement with Etihad Airways seems to have the press in an frenzy be it The Daily Mirror's Oliver Holt or BBC's Phil McNulty.  They are just two in a list of people on the attack.

You have to ask what are they afraid of?  is it simply as some City fans believe the press hate the thought of their cosy little top 4 being broken up by a upstart like Manchester City ?  Point is City are no upstarts we have a history that a lot of clubs could only dream about,  Yaya Toure's goal winning the FA Cup for City was the first major honour in 35 long years which has seen some dramatic relegation's promotions new managers and umpteen false dawns.

City despite it all have continued to be well supported by a loyal fan base that have endured things that I seriously question fans of other clubs would willingly put up with whilst still turning up.  Relegation to what is now League One in 1998 saw the club at an all time low yet attendances at Maine Road were up near capacity.

Shiekh Mansour took over back in 2008 from being poor little Manchester City suddenly the club were thrust into the news for good reasons.  It took just 3 seasons to turn a mid table side into automatic Champions League qualifiers doing well in that competition is a license to print money attracting commercial partners people wanting private boxes for matches etc..

Yet the press seem to be almost hell bent on knocking City down even questioning if the Etihad deal is legal despite as many reports quoted the club openly spoke to UEFA to see what was and wasn't allowed.  Perhaps it is they don't want change from their ever faithful big 4 ?  Newsflash Liverpool haven't been top 4 for the last two seasons,  Arsenal for the last few years have promised so much and delivered very little to the point players seem to leave whilst still at their peak.  If Chelsea had managed to do a similar deal for the rights to Stamford Bridge would there be the uproar? I really doubt it.  Facts are a product that stays still goes stale the SPL is a prime example with winners of the title being both Glasgow clubs for a long long time

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