Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Tevez the puppet?

So Manchester City have received a large bid from Corinthians for the services of want away Carlos Tevez.  If that is indeed the case as "Sky Sources" would have us believe despite being below market value it would remove the chances of in the short term facing him in the Champions League and therefore is certainly worth considering.

But wait why would Corinthians want him back? He went on strike to engineer his move to the UK back in 2006.  Why would they want to risk a heck of a lot of money by Brazilian football standards on a player that has done the dirty on them in the past?

Step forward his agent Kia Joorabchian.  The man who owned Tevez's registration whilst he was in Brazil and whilst he played for both West Ham and Man Utd, and the man who got a substantial cut of the fee when City signed him.

I am utterly convinced this whole saga is down to "Honest Kia" he seems to have the power to manipulate Tevez to do his bidding and Carlos in a misguided sense of loyalty is trying to help his friend.  A move to Brazil would open it up so "Honest Kia" could once again hold a share of his registration so his biggest cash cow will once again be earning him a nice little income.

What basis is there for my feelings?  I honestly question if Tevez is the brightest academically in 5 years he has failed to master English when you compare that to fellow Argentina international and Blue Pablo Zabaleta who is fluent despite being in the Country a full 2 years less.

Tevez always appears a little awkward when interviewed not fully comfortable.  I started thinking something wasn't quite right when I took Connor to a fans forum and Tevez was there with Kolo Toure.  Kolo walked in on his own Tevez turned up with a large group in tow tow admittedly two were his brothers, but who were the others?   Why did he need so many when he was meeting fans who were fast falling in love with him.

Something just doesn't sit right with this whole saga yes Tevez may well be unsettled with life in England and because of this want to move.  But my gut feeling honestly is there is much more to it than an unsettled player whom just a few weeks ago it was announced was happy to stay with City.  "Honest Kia" can say what he likes but for me he is like a puppeteer controlling Tevez and getting him to do and say exactly what benefits Joorachian the most instead of what is best for Carlos.

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