Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Lack of credit = smell the fear

City getting into the Carling Cup Semi Finals again is signs of a winning mentality within the club so much so that a squad side could become the first blues team since before I was born to win away at Arsenal.  Instantly this was met with comments like "well it was a young Arsenal side full of kids" But thats what Arsenal always do and the got to the Final last season! Well ok if you ignore the fact that these players played Park, 26, Chamakh 27, Arshavin 30, Koscielny 26, Vermaelen 26, Benayoun 31, Fabianski 26 and Squillaci 31, then run kids by me again?

City won in Villarreal becoming the first english team to do so in European competition and that was met with "well they aint the same side they were"  City thrash Utd 1-6 at Old Trafford and of course that was met by "red card changed the game"   City beat Spurs 1-5 "down to the bare bones at the back"

Perhaps you can see a pattern emerging there?  Yes no matter what City do the knockers try their hardest to have a pop,  they pose the questions City answer in style suddenly the question changes.  Last season "Champions league you're having a laugh"  was quite popular amongst visiting fans to the then City Of Manchester Stadium along with "you're gonna win f**k all"

Well we won the FA Cup! only for the comments of "FA Cup means nowt these days" and we also qualified for the Champions League only goal difference in fact stopped us finishing second.  The Champions League hasn't been as smooth and City need to win and Villarreal to get points to get through into the knock out stages if not it's Europa League for the Blues. But the players have tasted what football is like at Europes top table and will no doubt be keen to ensure they taste even more.

Point is the squad are learning and evolving they used the disappointment of Semi Final defeat in the Carling Cup 2 years ago to Utd and became cup winners 1 season later beating Utd in the semi final (more red card excuses)  We used the disappointment of Spurs pipping us to 4th by ensuring it didn't happen again the next season by Ironically beating Spurs.  Of course if City win the Premier League the question will be "so how does it feel to buy the title?" my honest answer name one team in the modern era that hasn't?

All the knockers are afraid very afraid. They realise this sleeping giant (used to hate that tag) is very awake and hungry for Silverware and as a friend on facebook posts quite a bit "MCFC hated adored never ignored!"

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

International break nice and quiet...then guess what

Players jetting off during an international break isn't uncommon.  However over the last 24 hours it's become clear that a certain player on the books of Manchester City has done something he shouldn't have.  Yes step forward Carlos Tevez.  It was reported last night he had boarded a flight to Argentina he was of course mobbed as he arrived back there judging by TV Images.

Now many might not see that as a problem though that's indeed where the issue lies it turns out he had done it without the permission of the club and was expected at Carrington today for training.  Press reports indicate that City have passed the matter to club lawyers as they investigate yet another clear breach of contract by Tevez.  The PFA got his original fine reduced over him refusing to warm up at Bayern Munich.  It looks like this could be another matter they get involved in as it's highly likely Tevez will be suspended again.  However with these constant disregard of his contract it does make you wonder if Tevez actually cares is he that wealthy that it won't matter if he gets sacked and possibly banned by FIFA?

Jim Boyce the vice president of FIFA was certainly the most high profile person to speak out over the incident at Munich it will be interesting to see what happens over the next few days and weeks but one thing that is clear in my opinion we've seen the last of Carlos Tevez in Manchester City colours.  Indeed if anything the incident in Munich galvanised the team who since that game have been scoring freely with 30 goals coming in the 8 competitive games since.  There is little doubt Tevez signing for Manchester City was a huge coup at the time and he did play a huge part in the run to Wembley for the FA Cup and his goals ensured 3rd place in the League.  But a look at this years table sees City top 5 points clear with 3 players in the top 10 scorers and 3 in the top 5 assists.  City are in a position to cope without Tevez and that makes me wonder was he happier being the big fish in a small pond?  Certainly these issues have come more and more to the fore as the pond got bigger so is this simply a ploy to keep his name in the headlines?