Thursday, 14 June 2012

One Month on

One month and one day on from that dramatic finish to the Premier League we are less than a week off finding out whom City will face in the first game of next season in August.  There is a noticeable sense of excitement amongst any blues I've had the pleasure of talking to since.

One thing I have noticed is a changed in United fan friends attitudes.  Originally full of well dones it's slowly got more bitter with digs about buying the league.  Well of course we did unlike their squad of free transfers......Ignoring the fact squad for squad there isn't really all that huge difference in fees paid.

Whilst awaiting those fixtures the transfer rumour mill is in over drive and this is an area the club does well not to get involved.  Some managers seem to thrive on linking themselves with all the rumours where as Roberto Mancini and the club will usually keep quiet.  The flip side is this means the press do seem to go OTT linking many big names with the Etihad whilst also linking players at the club with moves out.

One rumour was Sergio Aguero was apparently off to Real Madrid.  Now this rumour did tickle me the player himself seems happy and settled in Manchester indeed no vibes either from him or his agent that he might well be off.  Added to the fact in Spain he is a legend at Athletico Madrid wearing the white of Real would be taking a huge risk to his reputation.

The likes of Emmanuel Adebayor Wayne Bridge etc.. will also return from their loan spells.  In Adebayor's case there were strong links that Spurs wanted him on a permanent deal however with Harry Redknapp's departure it does look like only a matter of time before Adebayor announces he wants to try and win his place back In City's Starting 11. 

The key area that does need strengthening is the back up Centre Halves when ever Kompany or Lescott were out City didn't look the same side.  Perhaps the answer maybe already at the club with Dedryk Boyata but I'd be tempted to loan him out again to get more experience he does show signs of promise and could indeed become a regular along side Kompany for both club and Country. 

Edin Dzeko is strongly linked with a return to Germany and Bayern Munich I wouldn't have an issue with this if Mario Gomez was part of the deal as he has what Edin lacks good close control.  Don't get me wrong I like Dzeko but he blows way to hot and cold for me to be a regular in the team though his vital goal with us 2-1 down to QPR to make it 2-2 will ensure him a fond place in the hearts of City fans.

What has been refreshing is hearing players happy to announce they want to stay at the club indeed the likes of David Silva and Sergio Aguero have already let that be known.  Most of the squad is tied to long term deals and something City don't really get much credit for is the age of the squad there aren't that many over 28 years old which is bad news for the rest of the league a young squad has won the league and they will be hungry for more.

And there does appear to be proof that City are "ruining football" as the tv rights for 2013 onwards were auctioned off for over £1.25 billion more than the current deal.  And that's just for UK audiences with Sky and BT sharing coverage.  

Whatever 2012-2013 brings I'm sure the main aim of the club will be to have a bigger impact on the champions league and of course defend the title we snatched at the last possible second.  I just hope we do it a bit easier on the old heart!

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