Friday, 18 May 2012

My kid blues and me!

Some of you may well know me I'm the writer of this blog Robert Allen I'm 34 years old and am a Manchester City fan always have been always will be.  That love for the club despite me now living in Chester has passed on to my two sons Connor aged 11 and Lucas aged 6 we proudly sit together in Block 134 of the Family Stand.  We enjoy going to games and cheering on City.

Bar the fact both boys do look a lot like me that's where the similarities end.  You may ask why so I'll explain.  Aged 8 I started attending games at Maine Road on a regular basis, I loved being stood on the Kippax about 15 yards past half way towards the North Stand End peering through the railings was my spot and most games it would be the same faces stood round me cheering on the likes of Kenny Clements and Paul Power etc... I even went away a fair few times back in them days going away was an experience the abuse hurled from the home team fans and the "modest facilities" most away ends had were a sight to behold.  I've endured 4 relegation's I've celebrated one 3rd tier playoff win and one 2nd tier title.  I've seen many managers come and go some did well some well lets just not got there! 

I've even seen 2 club saviours come and go in the board room.  Through it all my love for City didn't diminish any excuse to go to a game and I'd take it even if amazingly in the 3rd tier getting tickets to Maine Road wasn't that easy.   I saw us roll over 4-2 at Sheffield United as Brian Gayle did what a lot of ex blues always seemed to do and score against us. I saw Christian Negouai punch the ball into the net V Rotherham.  Following City played a part in making me the man I am truly believing try your best and if it doesn't work out just keep trying no matter how low you go.

My boys well they are well use to the facilities modern stadia give them.  True there is still the banter with opposition fans when you go away but the chances of a fight are a heck of a lot less, true we see a  lot of the same faces sat next to us week on week. They've seen 3 managers and 2 chairmen.  Connor started coming to watch with me on a regular basis during Svens season in charge City were still City 2 steps forward 3 back then 1 forward again but then things began to change.  It began with Thaksin and although City finished 10th there were definite signs things were improving till the last weeks when it was clear Sven was a goner . Little did we realise our saviour was infact broke there had been rumours but they were always flatly denied in the media by Thaksin.  To be fair knowing he was in trouble who he sold to the Club to was the key.  HH Shiekh Mansour and his chairman Khaldoon Al-Mubarak did get behind then manager Mark Hughes and despite improvements it wasn't happening fast enough,  Hughes got the push and in came Roberto Mancini.  I don't think anyone could have foreseen what was coming.

 Narrowly missing out on the Champions League in his first half a season Mancini in his first full season clinched Champions League Football and won the FA Cup the first major trophy I'd seen us win.  In his 2nd full season despite getting the "magic" 10 points City dropped out of the Champions League in the group stages City had dominated in the league.  Then a huge drop off and suddenly United were clear....then amazingly City not only pulled it back but clinched the title in the last minute of the season.  So to the boys their outlook being shaped by the club is keep striving to be the best and with effort and commitment you will get rewarded so different to my own above.

They've only known a club on the up, its doubtful they will suffer so many relegation's in the same time as I did and seeing a City captain lifting a trophy could well become a sight we and the rest of the world have to get used to!  I am a tad envious cheering on the likes of Aguero and Kompany, but am enjoying the journey with them that's why they were delighted to go and see the Premier League trophy as much as me it meant every bit as much to them.  It's a great time to be a kid blue but you know I wouldn't swap it as I do see this current period as reward for my love of the club and I'm glad I have my boys with me.  What an amazing time to be a kid blue though!

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