Tuesday, 15 May 2012

This is how it feels to be City

Its took me nearly two days to be able to plan this piece such has been the emotional rollercoaster I and many thousands of City fans went on.  It had started at 6am when I woke up completely awake and excited It was like Christmas morning only my present was hopefully waiting for me at the Etihad Stadium.

Arriving in Manchester at 11am I was amazed to see street traders selling scarves saying "MANCHESTER CITY CHAMPIONS" Lucas even spotted a blow up trophy and wanted one there and then.  I refused telling him I would only get it IF and WHEN we won.  After a spot of lunch I met a few friends for a quick pint whilst Lucas was getting agitated at my refusal I decided it would be best to get to the Stadium.  I had arranged to meet my uncle Keith who was using my eldest sons seasoncard as he couldn't make it, It seemed the right thing to do allowing the man that had took me home and away as a kid to see hopefully the dawning of a new era in City's history.  Summerbee Bar was already full by 1pm and the queue was huge so I stood no chance of meeting some other friends, you could sense something in the air people had got there early to drink it in.  Gates opened it was straight in for us.

When the game kicked off you could see the tension in the players they were dominating but not getting any luck in front of goal.  Tension amongst fans went up when news filtered through Utd were winning at Sunderland.  Then suddenly Pablo Zabaleta let fly Paddy Kenny didn't get the best of touch the ball looped up and dropped behind the line the stadium erupted the Poznan even made a welcome return.

The 2nd half started similar then disaster a rare Joleon Lescott mistake allowed Lord Cisse of Frodsham through and his smart finish was to much for Joe Hart. Keith leapt from his seat and slumped back down he was along with everyone else wearing MCFC colours shocked.  Then out of no where the advantage looked to be back with City when after a bit of handbags with Carlos Tevez, Joey Barton elbowed Tevez and the assistant spotted it.  Ref Mike Dean after checking with his assistant sent Barton off and what followed can only be described as disgraceful as Barton kicked Sergio Aguero then tried to headbutt Vincent Kompany.  Surely against 10 men with over 30 minutes City would get the winner??

As It turned out that was far from the case indeed QPR broke and scored a great headed goal by Mackie as he did what any coach will tell you head down and back to the direction the ball came from leaving Joe Hart helpless.  City piled forward chance after chance came and went as Kenny more than made up for his earlier howler with save after save some from near point blank range.    The news from the Stadium Of Light was unchanged City had to win.  Mario Balotelli and Edin Dzeko were brought on as Mancini tried to find the answer to the problem that was Paddy Kenny.  I had began to accept typical city was having a swansong then the stoppage time board went up 5 minutes left.  The announcements over the PA about a lap of honour and not going on the pitch were beginning to get really annoying.  Then from a Silva corner Dzeko rose and buried the header past Kenny the goal was celebrated but it seemed it was merely saving our unbeaten home league record.  QPR's bench appeared to have got the result from the Britannia stadium as they seemed excited there was also a cheer from the away fans in the South Stand as indeed it was the case Rangers were safe and Bolton were down.

1 minute left Nigel De Jong ran forward it was last chance saloon he passed to Aguero who linked with Balotelli who fell over but as he did he managed to flick the ball right into Aguero's path a side step past a challenge he unleashed a shot that flew past Kenny as the net bulged the entire stadium went wild City's bench emptied on to the pitch fans were celebrating wildly I hugged Keith, Lucas who had been stood on his seat to see launched himself into my arms and planted the biggest kiss he has ever given me.  Putting him down I realised my chest was sore I was struggling to breath I found my inhaler quickly and within a few seconds was ok enough to soak up the last few seconds.

Now you may note I said the entire stadium well I standby that comment after seeing this youtube video by a QPR fan knowing they were safe they wanted to party with us
  Fair play to them they knew it didn't matter had the news they needed.

Full time whistle and the roof came off the stadium never before had the league finished in such a dramatic fashion.  Forget Michael Thomas and that famous goal at Anfield this was even more incredible and no doubt will be talked about for as long.  Given the drama there was a pitch invasion the raw emotion was understandable.  Appeals were made for fans to return to their seats so the trophy presentation could take place and slowly people heeded and trotted back.  The party then started as bluemoon and various other songs boomed out.

In a great nod to the past Tony Book and Mike Summerbee carried the trophy out for the presentation, As well as a guard of honour formed by Francis Lee Glynn Pardoe etc..  Seeing Vincent Kompany lifting the trophy and the party atmosphere was brilliant.  Indeed watching the trophy go past held proudly by Roberto Mancini and Brian Kidd and seeing the players with their families was joyous.  On the way to Piccadilly I spoke to some QPR fans they were brilliant happy they were still a Premier League side they in turn happy for us that after dropping into the old division 2 we had come good and become Champions of England.  And as a man of my word Lucas did indeed get his blow up trophy and on the train home I had to pretend I was the crowd and he was Vincent Kompany lifting the Premier League Crown.  I loved it as much as he did, If this is how it feels to be City it feels just champion!

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  1. Brilliant read Rob, I was at home and watching sky sports news all afternoon. When QPR scored there second I was thinking "typical City"..... But that finish was beyond belief both my boys were in tears of joy and so was I. After going through the highs and lows with city over the last 20 years this was the best finish ever!! CTID!!
    Matthew Harvey (Facebook)