Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Yet more noise from the Noisy Neighbours

Yes they are at it again the last few days have seen a glut of articles in the press from players from Old Trafford. Wait with the headline you were expecting me to say the Etihad Stadium weren't you??  Well that's the thing despite "Noisy Neighbours" being a United put down and something Fergie invented it is actually them making all the noise as the title race enters the home straight.

In the last few weeks there have been articles from Danny Wellbeck and Jonny Evans basically saying United's experience will see them through to their 20th title and they will win at the Etihad Stadium to all but clinch the title in late April.  Jonny Evans must be trying to cheer himself up still after his red card played a small part in City's 1-6 win in the Derby earlier in the season.  As for Wellbeck he's young and has been bred into United arrogance.  They are brought up believing they are the best they deserve all the success they have had.  Whilst true they have been the best many times the fact the challenge has come from City really does appear to be getting to the players as the weekly articles are beginning to show more and more.

Put simply they expected City to have choked by now and it's scaring them that despite a few wobbles City are still top because United also wobbled at the same time.  It's really eaten at them that despite their comeback win in the Community Shield (a footballing lesson according to Wayne Rooney) they haven't been able to shake off City as the massacre at Old Trafford proved City are for real.

But here is the thing the league table shows City and United pulling away from 3rd spot which quite probably means worst case scenario City would finish 2nd.  And that would be a best ever season since the Premier League started in 1992-93.  That would be progress for City it's a win win situation either way we've nothing to lose yet everything to gain it would be disappointing having come so far not to win the title but it isn't the end of the world.  Where as for United the reverse is true they have everything to lose if their local rivals pip them to the top spot.

The press make a big deal about the youngsters in United's side whilst completely ignoring the age of City's squad so lets look at that.  In goal Joe Hart is 24 in defence Micah Richards is 23 Vincent Kompany is 25 Pablo Zabaleta is 27, in midfield David Silva is 26 James Milner is 26 Nigel De Jong is 27 Adam Johnson is 24 and up front Sergio Aguero is 23 Mario Balotelli is 21 Edin Dzeko is 25.  In other words most of the first team aren't at their peak yet City have many years challenging at the top left in them.

So winning the title isn't an urgent must do 2nd place would still be a sign of progress.  The "Noisy Neighbours" will come good it might be this season it might be next the point is time is on City's side.

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