Saturday, 23 July 2011

MCFC 6 Pompey 0 my favourite game!

Having been to by my best estimates 300 Manchester City games you might ask why have I picked this this particular game?  Well for me it was a special moment as for the first time I took both my sons together to a game, It was Lucas's first ever game at 2 years old, Connor had been a fair few times having both the boys though made this special.  Lucas loved meeting Moonchester and as the build up to kick off gathered pace he seemed to be taking it all in as by his standards he seemed quiet.  There was all the excitement of the ADUG takeover with Thaksin introducing Khaldoon to the crowd from the directors box. 

When the players came out both boys were cheering and genuinely seemed to be having a blast.  Then 13 minutes in Jo scored I celebrated looked and realised the noise had scared Lucas he was sobbing!  I got him calm only for Richard Dunne to score..yes you've guess it the waterworks started again!  So had to go through the effort of cuddling him trying to explain that the noise was every being happy that City had scored, fair play to Connor he tried as well once he'd finished celebrating the goal.

Half time came the boys happily scoffed their sweets and drinks.  Out came the players I looked and realised Lucas was copying everyone clapping even managed to babble "MON CITY"  Connor was also doing his best to make noise. 

57 Minutes in marked the moment we had all been waiting for as Robinho smashed in a well taken goal I looked there was a hint of a whimper from Lucas but he seemed to be a little better even trying to copy me as the Invisible Man song did the rounds.  68th minute SWP smashes in a great goal from a tight angle Lucas is now laughing and jumping around.  When Ched Evans scored making it 5-0 he jumped into my arms and kissed me then hugged a now gob smacked Connor whom only seemed able to utter the words 5-0 It's 5-0 Dad!!!

Well it got better 83rd Minutes Gelson scored making it 6-0 both boys (and their dad) were stunned and overjoyed.  I don't think I could have picked a better game to take them to.  Connor was singing the Invisible Man song as loudly as he could and when Bluemoon hit both boys had their arms up even if Lucas wasn't fully familiar with the words.

The full time whistle went we cheered clapped the players off and slowly made our way home tired and delighted.  

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