Thursday, 21 July 2011

Thank god for ZABMAN!

Robinho, Jo, Santa Cruz, Elano, Giovanni  and probably sooner than later Carlos Tevez are all from the latino continent of South America all despite very good efforts by some have failed to settle at Manchester City for various reasons.  Be it rumoured partying by Jo home sickness by Carlos or just the season ticket for the treatment room of Santa Cruz.

True there have been fair efforts Robinho's now legendary bus ride to the Trafford Centre and his keenness to use his new language whenever he could.  But all in all things just don't seem to go well for South Americans at M11 3FF.....Or do they??  Step forward everyone's favourite accident prone player Pablo Zabaleta.

He probably is as familiar as Roque with the way to the treatment room at both Carrington and the Etihad Stadium.  That said season 2010-2011 was quite possibly Pablo's best in the blue of City.  It was only right he got to be on the pitch as the full time whistle blew signaling the end of City's 35 year wait for a major honour as the Fa Cup was lifted.  Pablo's committment to the club is something that doesn't need to be questioned.  Even with his father seriously ill you really got the impression Pablo felt guilty that he was there at his bedside, despite the fact everyone knew this was exactly what Pablo should be doing at a time like that.

Certainly his fathers illness showed Pablo just how popular he is.  He admitted to be taken aback by the amout of goodwill messages he received.  His tweets in both Spanish and English keeping people updated were always packed with messages of thanks.

On the pitch he has matured.  And this is where I pay him credit effort and determination aside I always had him down as being a red card waiting to happen.  He seems to have calmed that side down, he is still the tough tenacious never say die player we all knew.  The standard of his performances has also increased.  Added to this his mastery of english (note to Mr Tevez done in 2 years less than you've been in England) shows a happy and content player..if a little accident prone as the Zabman Video proved! but take that away and you would be taking part of the man who is widely liked and respected.

Well as we sing "DO DO DO PABLO ZABALETA!"

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