Monday, 11 July 2011

Why do other clubs want the Etihad deal investigated?

The press have been full of stories claiming other clubs are asking for the Manchester City-Etihad deal investigated.  True they may claim unfair on the basis that the Mansour family are on the board of Etihad but there is a lot more to it than simply that.

Take Barcelona they will this season have a shirt sponsor in the Qatar Foundation.   They always have proudly stated they won't have a shirt why the change?  The BBC report in that link points out that Barca were over £300 million in debt in '09-10.  They even last summer had to get a loan to pay the players wages.

Real Madrid weren't much better a little under £300 million in debt .  Then of course there is our arch rivals from Trafford.  Despite making huge operating profits their parent companies debt climbs year on year.

Perhaps Italian football is in better shape?  Ok perhaps not both Milans are in debt despite recent success domestically and in Europe.
No wonder they are crying for UEFA to investigate the deal they are all terrified they won't meet the criteria of the new fair play rules.  It's pure bitterness of course the Mansour connection at Etihad helps but they have committed to a lot of different sports teams and venues around the world they wouldn't do it if it didn't make sense to their business plans.

Perhaps the best example is that Barca shirt deal for £25 million a year.  If the Etihad deal is as now reported is £400 million over 10 years is that bad value for shirt sponsorship stadium sponsorship and "campus" sponsorship?  The Bluemoon is rising and it's making the old guard panic.

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