Thursday, 14 July 2011

R.I.P Typical City??

The very successful 2010-2011 season for Manchester City could just have marked the end of what City fans loved to call "typical City".  Well perhaps loved is to strong a phrase, loathed would perhaps be more apt.

So for those who perhaps aren't fully familiar just what is typical City? Well it's best summed up in the roller coaster we call Manchester City and the ability to take one step forward one game only to take 2 backwards the very next.  A classic example would be the 1961 Fa Cup tie V Luton Town, City were 6-2 up when the game was abandoned only to lose the replayed game 3-1

A more recent example would be the 1989 home game V Bournemouth.  All City needed was a win to ensure promotion to the old Division 1 3-0 up and cruising at half time City threw it away and drew 3-3.  That meant fans had to endure a nervy game at Valley Parade V Bradford City where Trevor Morley's late goal gave City the point they needed .

City also hold the dubious record of being the only League Champions to be relegated the very next season. There are numerous examples all of which with gallows humour City fans would always write off as typical City.

Last season marked a change in untypical fashion City qualified for the Champions league in ironic circumstances when Peter Crouch scored an own goal at the same end and virtually the same spot just 12 months earlier he had broken City's hearts.  Then City followed that up with a convincing performance to beat Stoke City and win the FA Cup.  Surely typical City would strike in the last game of the season when all the team had to do was at least equal Arsenals result and they would be automatically on the Champions League group stages.  No they won 2-0 and yes they finished a best ever 3rd in The Premier League.

I've heard people say the film Bluemoon Rising was released a year early it should have been done once we had won something.  My answer hasn't really changed and that is it's fine as it is a tribute to typical City as if you compare 09-10 to 10-11, It does indeed show the bluemoon has indeed been on the rise long may it contine and be a fitting eulogy to "typical City"

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