Friday, 22 July 2011

Bluemoon Rising was it too soon?

We have all heard the arguments from fellow blues and rivals that the film Blue Moon Rising was released perhaps a season too early.  I've seen others write that only City could release a film where the end result was disappointment.

I did touch upon this a little on my "R.I.P Typical City" article earlier this month.  But after reading a thread on Bluemoon titled "Blue Moon Rising II"  I noticed the same arguments once again have surfaced.

I have always said for me the film was released at the perfect time as it was about the hopes and dreams being a Manchester City fan, as we could see the good times on the horizon though perhaps dare not dream just how quickly after 09-10's so near yet so far ending that season 10-11 delivered the dream and then some. 

Had we indeed won something that year I don't think the films ending would have worked as well.  It showed the lads and Helios heading to West Ham and the song hit "34 years and we're still here" they were singing it loudly and proudly.  And that's why for me the film was indeed released at the right time it didn't matter we hadn't won anything we love Manchester City there had indeed been progress so as the film title puts it the Blue Moon was indeed rising.

Now for a slight confession. See the man and lad behind the pie in the screen shot from the film?  Yes that's me and my son Connor we were extras in the film's flashback scene "It's the pie!"  We had an absolute blast filming took place at the Etihad Stadium.  It was an experience I will never forget.  I was so excited to see the film and like a big kid made up to see my name in the closing titles.  Though one slightly annoying point I was on screen longer celebrating Carlos Tevez's free kick V Chelsea than the bit I got paid for!   That said I don't think my views are biased towards the film....OK perhaps a little but still it is a great film one which as the Times put it in their review "Entertaining, funny and at times, poignant" and as I put it a fitting tribute as we lay to rest "typical city"

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