Monday, 20 June 2011

The Family Stand COMS

Well it seems like ages ago Connor and me excitedly entered COMS to see the new look family stand when City played Valencia.

We weren't disappointed the stand looked really good bright cheerful foyer had replaced the grey soul less area that is the bug bear of most modern stadia. FromLink player height charts to compare the kids against to colourful recreations of famous goals almost like a hop scotch on the floor.

Face painting is always a winner and unless you got to the ground early there would always be a queue every home game. You could even "do the Tevez" something many kids and adults seemed happy to do next to a life sized picture of Carlos.

Entertainment varied through out the season ranging from magicians to ball tricks to even a contortionist in a box. all seemed very popular. There was the odd lame effort like a pantomine dame and a huge Christmas pudding but overall the standard seemed very good. Before the Leicester replay the magician had Connor mesmerised. (click to see a youtube of a card trick)

Throughout the season i did see moans and groans on the
forums about gaps in the crowd, true there did appear to be but with it being the only part of the stadium where kids do get the £95 season card I can see the family stand being fuller next season. However perhaps for cup games the rules could be relaxed quicker.

Overall for me as a parent and a seasoncard holder the family stand has been a huge success for Manchester City. When I do take both Connor and Lucas they want to go in as soon as the gates open to get their faces painted and to see the pre match entertainment. The sweet shop in the stand was also a no brainer. I look forward to the 11/12 season and all it brings knowing the club I love values my support and values the fact as a father I want my children to share in my passion for Manchester City!

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