Sunday, 14 August 2011

Opposition Myths

After a typical discussion with a rival teams fan I decided to answer a few of these myths that seem to have weight with a lot of fans from other clubs.

1  Your defence is suspect.

I look at the fact we were equal best in the Premier League along with Chelsea for fewest goals against and think yeah we must be poor!.

2 20,000 empty seats.

That's simply because we don't force seasoncard holders to buy tickets for all cup games.  In fact when a certain club relaxed their rule for one game they didn't sell out either.   We averaged around 46,000 and were 4th overall in the Premier League

3 Buying Trophies.

This is the one that makes so little sense.  All teams buy players that's a fact they also bring through youth players. This dig could be levelled at all teams in England, all City have done is spent over a compressed timescale compared to say United.  Chelsea won the league two seasons ago with a lot of players bought over a similar small timescale but a few years before.

4 You've got no history.

History is a record of the past not a measure of anything, that said historical fact City won the FA Cup before Liverpool, Everton and United.

5 Only a matter of time before you implode.

Still waiting for it to happen.  Yes with the influx of players there are bound to be unhappy players getting dropped etc..  That said for a team about to implode we still managed to deliver very real progress and success.

Long and short of it whatever the myth there is an answer.  A lot of it is envy of the fact we have an owner willing to spend and get things right.  People have got so used to the same old "Sky big 4" that the fact we are even trying to break it up is treated to a tirade of abuse mainly from the clubs who's position near the top we are challenging. 

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