Wednesday, 5 October 2011

"Honest Kia" strikes again

Well without speaking to Carlos his "advisor" not agent Kia Joorabchian has in an interview denied Carlos Tevez refused to take to the field when Manchester City were away at Bayern Munich.  Yes apparently not only was it a misunderstanding on the bench between Tevez and Mancini, the interpreter who Carlos used in his after match interview to sky also got it wrong when Tevez appeared to admit he did indeed refuse to come. 

Now lets look at the man I like to call "Honest Kia" a man banned by Manchester City from the Etihad Stadium a man who gets round FIFA's agent licencing laws by calling himself an advisor.  A man who claimed Manchester United tried to angle for a reduced fee when his loan ended despite David Gill and Sir Alex Ferguson claiming the total opposite was the case.

Sky Sports looked at the tape and got two spanish speakers to re-translate and yes Tevez does indeed say he wasn't mentally prepared.  Sorry "Honest Kia" despite your very best efforts Tevez's own words do seem to confirm the guilt  and if FIFA do act as Vice President Boyce indicated your meal ticket could be heading for a ban.

Despite Tevez issuing a statement the next day claiming it was all a mix up and he enjoyed a good relationship with the Manchester City faithful,  the 7,000 fans at Blackburn Rovers last Saturday singing in support of Roberto Mancini for me sum up the feelings of most blues sorry Carlos we've forgiven and forgotten once too often you refused to play you can face the music.

Me commenting on You're On Sky Sports

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