Saturday, 29 October 2011 least we won!

Manchester City 3 Wolves 1 doesn't really tell the story of a game ruined by a referee clearly out of his depth.  Stuart Attwell (he of the phantom goal fame) turned in quite possibly the most inept and incompetent performance I've ever seen in 26 years of attending football matches.

You can understand a referee making one or two bad calls in a game but Attwell made so many I lost count.  During the first half of every 50-50 challenge resulting in a free kick to Wolves (Matchday centre on the City website shows 18 fouls by City to Wolves 6 in total)  This lead to Vincent Kompany questioning what was going on in his role as captain  There were some challenges of equal force made on City players only for play on to be the decision.  Apparently throttling a player is ok...well as long as you are Mr Stearman of Wolves as he did to Edin Dzeko  in what should have been a penalty to City.  Half time came with a chorus of boos ringing out directed at the official.

The second half started well for City  going 2-0 up and it must have been eating at Attwell he hadn't be centre of attention for 15-20 minutes as suddenly the decisions started again. 

To be fair to Mr Attwell the decision of penalty and red card for Kompany were spot on.  However just before Yaya Toure was fouled he then went into a challenge which resulted in a free kick for Wolves an obviously frustrated Toure screamed out his disgust at the decision.  we've all heard and understand the "Respect" campaign but seriously?? respect should be earned by at least having officials who are competent and able to do the job sadly Stuart Attwell simply isn't up to the job and could have cost Manchester City vital points today. It's also lucky David Silva wasn't seriously hurt by some of the challenges that were dished out (none of which were punished) As luck would have it a great strike by Adam Johnson sealed the points for City late on but surely the FA or Premier League will have to act and remove this joker from it's lists he isn't fit to referee a WWE No Disqualification  match (there are no rules) he'd still get it wrong!

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