Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Tevez a misunderstanding?

So the day after the night before Carlos Tevez's representative "Honest" Kia Joorachian releases a statement claiming it was all a big misunderstanding and Tevez did not refuse to come on when asked.  Ok perhaps given his lack of clear English there might be a chance of everyone jumping to the wrong conclusion there might be a case for the defence.....Or is there?

Pablo Zabaleta a fellow Argentinian seemed to react in a negative way to Carlos the TV pictures clearly show Tevez talking to a very angry looking Zab who was looking straight ahead as if to ignore what was being said. Simply go onto youtube and search Carlos Tevez speaks English and you will find videos proving whilst not being fluent Tevez does indeed have a good understanding indeed far more than he makes out. Another annoying fact Zabaleta has played in England 2 years less yet speaks almost fluent English with a slight Mancunian accent no less!

The evening of the match Tevez said in an interview to Sky Sports "I wasn't physically or mentally ready to go in".  The next morning his statement mentioned so such mental or physical problems indeed it had all just been a misunderstanding and he was ready to come on.  Sorry Carlos why say one thing to a national television channel then something else in your statement? slept on it and realised you'd messed up I would suggest. 

Then bring "Honest Kia" into the mix a man banned from the Etihad Stadium whom despite not being a FIFA registered agent manages to get around that issue by being a "personal advisor".  Something hasn't sat right with me over last summers proposed moved to Corinthians and it's simply this, in 2006 stories broke of 2 players refusing to play for Corinthians and in the end  they were loaned to West Ham.  Bet you can't guess who they were?  Yes Javier Mascherano and the very same Carlos Tevez who suddenly they wanted back!  City seemed to smell a rat and put some conditions in the way including some money up front and no return to Europe within the first 2 years and low and behold the deal fell through. Amongst football fans Joorabchian has little credibility there have been too many yarns yet he still tries to portray himself as being up front and honest like he did in interviews for Sky over the Corinthians move.

Tevez has undoubtedly been a huge player for City he was the joint golden boot winner last season and no one had scored more in 09-10 10-11 seasons combined in the Premier League, he is one the the key reasons why City ended their 35 year wait for a major honour and the reason Champions League football is being played at the Etihad.  That said his actions if it's proven cannot be defended .  Even Gordon Taylor of the PFA has said there appears to be little case for the defence.

Roberto Mancini is reportedly heading for talks with chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak over last nights incident we await the verdict.   The majority of City fans seem to think if he has refused the door is that way I must admit it's a view that sadly I have to agree with Tevez when he joined was a big fish in a small yet growing pond the club bent over backwards to accommodate him and his difficult position due to his family being in Argentina by numerous times off to visit them (despite the fact it was his affair that made them leave)  Now the pond is much larger the club have players who can it appears fill the void. City fans have welcomed him back when he wanted to leave then change his mind only then to want to leave again, so it looks like a case of Adios Carlos enough is enough.

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