Sunday, 11 September 2011

BLUE MOON! not blue moon

We all know and love the song, there is nothing better the 40 odd thousand belting it out at a match.  The club even sometimes slam an animation of the moon on the screens as it's sung.

There have been many versions played over the PA from the Marcels through to Supra's "Ricky Hatton".  The Supra version has for a while been used pre kick off to get the crowd cheering along and it never failed  To mark the launch of City's new kit celeb Blue Liam Gallagher recorded a version with his band Beady Eye that was used in the video to promote it.

The Beady Eye version has been used the first two home games this season and it simply hasn't worked it is too slow a few sat round me in the family stand tried but it just died down and the noise went up after it finally finished.  It was noticable the South Stand and "Kippax" fans also seemed to not get into it.

It's one of  those classic if it aint broke don't fix it moments the Supra version never fails to get the crowd going, and if anyone at the club reads this or sees the thread on bluemoon  I would hope we return to the Supra version as it would seem the majority of blues agree.  Some on twitter have even tweeted the hash tag #bringbacksupra  me included!

Come on MCFC you know it makes sense, it really should be BLUE MOON not blue moon at the Etihad!

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