Thursday, 23 February 2012

You what??

Getting home from a great 4-0 win V Porto to make it 6-1 overall I was gob smacked to hear rumours spreading that Porto were looking at reporting City fans for unsporting behaviour in their chants and actions directed towards Porto striker Hulk.  Then came the news no it wasn't a wind up Porto are deadly serious they want UEFA to look into the matter.

So just what was the chant that had Porto so upset??  City fans as a spin on his name being like the movie and tv character were singing "you're not incredible"  Yes that's right it's that simple and is mentioned in reports of Porto preparing the complaint.  He was also booed a bit as it didn't take much to send him over as he blatantly went looking for free kicks, but credit to referee Wolfgang Stark he rarely fell for the antics and Hulk as the chant suggests had a poor game.

So what has caused the complaint from Porto?  I maybe a tad biased being a City fan but to me it stinks of Porto trying to get even for City making a complaint about "alleged" monkey chants being made in the first leg at Estádio do Dragão aimed at Mario Balotelli and Yaya Toure.  Porto officials even tried to claim it was fans chanting "Hulk Hulk Hulk" or City fans chanting "Kun Kun Kun"

Modern technology would suggest Porto officials are burying their heads in the sand as a quick search on youtube uncovers footage of the game recorded by a Porto fan on a mobile phone camera.


Now I don't speak Portuguese but that to me does indeed sound like monkey chants and makes Porto's defence of their fans and this subsequent counter claim of unsporting behaviour against City fans seem truly ridiculous.  Do we live in a world were some good natured put downs aren't allowed? no and that's the point what City fans did on Wednesday to Hulk was purely good natured fun.  What happened to City players is a flashback to the dark days in football.  The game has moved on a heck of a lot it just appears small pockets believe they are above the law.

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