Monday, 11 July 2011

Top NBA Star to the Cheshire Jets??

We've heard the stories in the past regarding footballers conning clubs to get contracts the most infamous incident being Ali Dia who turned out once for Southampton in 1996 after a person claiming to be George Weah recommended him, he came on as a sub and was subbed himself just a few minutes later when reality set in with the Southampton Bench.

Now imagine a top NBA player like LA Lakers Ron "Metta World Peace" Artest showing an interest in playing for Cheshire Jets. Yes I'm serious yes this might well be happening!

How has it this situation come about? well basically there is the very real threat there won't be an NBA season this year due to ongoing wrangles this has left players looking for games whilst the situation is resolved.  Artest via his twitter page indicated he might well like to try the BBL (British Basketball League)  The Jets have moved quickly establishing dialogue with the player and Artest seems keen to come over.

So what awaits him well having played regular games in front of nearly 19,000 at the Staples Centre    The Northgate Arena holding approximately 1,200 will certainly be a huge difference!  Artest though to his credit appears to have done some background checks saying on his twitter he would come to England knowing there won't be much financial gain for him...or will there?  He is a well know celebrity in the USA on TV and even released rap records.
This move could benefit Artest if he want's to further his other interests by breaking into the UK market, as well as being a huge boost to the BBL which only returned to Sky Sports last season, just a few appearances by Artest in a Jets Kit could be huge for all the clubs generating interest and possibly commercial partners.  I sincerely hope Jets owner Peter Hawkins and Coach Paul Smith pull this off.

In a sensational update The Chester Chronicle has reported Artest has agreed to the deal and will head to the UK to finalise the move.

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