Saturday, 18 December 2010

The great job hunt ended at last!

After many long hard months I've finally landed a job I am now a full time "holiday sales advisor" for Sykes Cottages in Chester.

The last 18 months has been tough on my family and myself. People seem to judge you because you haven't got a job just in the 3 weeks I've been working I can see an attitude shift. Hundreds (and I mean hundreds!!) of applications were sent to get 19 replies of which 17 were rejections to be honest they were easy to take because at least they had obviously taken the time to read my CV or application.

Getting a personal advisor at the Job Centre turned out to be a blessing Sue was brilliant at helping me maintain my hunger be it sending me on a CV writing course or suggesting the Power Forward programme run by the Cheshire Jets .

The course was run by Jets Coach Paul Smith and involved twice weekly work shops where we shared ideas discussed various techniques like interview tactics had employers come in and tell us their personal views on what makes a good potential job candidate. The best employer was the Manager of the local leisure Centre The Northgate Arena she really gave us all some huge pointers. I was even interviewed by The Chester Chronicle and the video was put on their website.

The course helped bring out the cheeky side in me that had been missing for a good while to get all Austin Powers i had my "Mojo" fully restored. We were given free tickets to the Jets home games (Lucas is fully hooked he loves it as you can see!) we even ran a business networking event at the Jets home game V Sheffield Sharks I built the website for the event.

In the middle of all the planning for the night Sue gave me the details of the Sykes job, I applied then a week later I got a phone call inviting me to a group interview. So I went and it seemed to go well. Arriving home the phone went 45 minutes later I'd got it I started the following Tuesday!

We held the Networking event and the feedback received was very good. It showed give a group of unemployed people a challenged they can rise to it. Out of the 17 who started the course 6 now have jobs!

As I said before I have certainly noticed a shift in attitude towards me by people now that I am working and that for me is a bit unfair. During this prolonged spell out of work I met many people like myself just wanting a chance to prove themselves good luck to them I say. In my case yes i charmed the Sykes staff at the interview but I had the support of my family the Jets and Sue at the Job Centre, no doubt I would have got there myself but I am grateful for all the support I got. If ever I am in the position of recruiting I certainly will give anyone the full consideration no matter what their current circumstances...wonder how many people do genuinely do that.

6 months on my Sykes adventure has ended as my contract didn't go permanent that said I really feel confident it won't be long before I return to work.

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